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“ Yes, Brad, I would love to be a part of the movement.  As a goalie myself (as you know), I suffer from a panic and anxiety disorder that stems from my ADD.  I have always been an advocate and will never shy way from talking about it and helping others cope with their needs.”

Ronnie Fernando

“ Hi Brad, I would absolutely love to be a part of your campaign, unfortunately, I’m also one of ‘The Stories’ in which my mental health and lack of support led to me quitting the sport that was my entire life in order to get myself better. I have put in the work to get on a better path now, so I am going to continue coaching the DU (Davenport) goalies next year, and I think the message you are spreading is amazing.”

Makenna (former 6x6 Student)

Made headlines in the National Media earlier this year for an off-campus rape case she was involved in back in her freshman year at Gettysburg College. The aggressor messaged her on Facebook admitting to the act, prompting the prosecution to re-open the case.

        “ I Wanted to share this story years ago, after they originally told me there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue prosecution, but truthfully, I was scared – scared it would damage my carer, scared I would never find a boyfriend, scared people wouldn’t believe me, and above all else, scared it would define me.

        For a while I pretended things were good and I was happy , but in hindsight I see that I was bottling up a lot of anger…anger that seeped out in ways I’m not proud of.

        So I did what all us humans force ourselves to do when trying to find normalcy again following difficult situations – I GOT HELP. Wrote down the full story in its entirety, and did my best to truly move on.

        When I found the confession messages last June, I was the best version of Shannon. As shocking as it was, I knew immediately that this was my chance to try and pursue justice again, and this time not give up. And on top of that, it became evidently clear to me over the following months that I was not alone in my experience, and this story was larger than myself.

        TO ALL my friends, family, teammates, that helped me along the way (evenwhen I wasn’t the greatest) Thank You – You guys are the reason why I’m even able to try to push thigns forward and write this post. For those of you that reached out to me today, your support means the world to me and I hope that one I can pay it forward.”

Shannon Keeler (NCAA D3 National Champion w. Gettysburgh Colelge)

“ You probably don’t know, but I missed  my last year at BYU cause of an injury and subsequent surgeries, but went through major depression ended up addicted to meds, eventually ended  up full blown Heroin addict and spent almost a decade in and out of treatment centers, pysch wards, and even incarcerated. Got clean in 2014, and until recently like a month ago, have spent the past 6 years working in the substance abuse and mental health field………..I definitely went through a lot alone, because of not knowing where to turn for help and feeling weak telling people what I was dealing with kept me sick a looong time. I love what you are doing, Brad, this is definitely needed.  You will save a life with this initiative.”

Tyler Storer (CoachTLacrosse)

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